Liberia   Restoration Christian Fellowship Center  

​The True Holiness Worship Center is praying for $3,000.00 USD to purchase a One lot of land for its building Purpose

The Church is seeking the help of partners and friends to raise $100.00usd monthly to pay the rent for the space it is presently renting for worship purposes

Musical Instruments
The Churc h is praying for musical Instruments fo use in its worship Services and for Evangelistic and Outreach purposes

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 Restoration Christian Felowship Center in Liberia, W.A
The Restoration Christian Fellowship Center is a church plant of the Harvest Outreach Ministries in Liberia The mission of Restoration Christian flowship is to restore to lives of the forgetten and downtrodden in liberia. It is our vision to preach the gospel of Christwhile giving hope and storing the lives of the neglected and the less fortunate in our society our focus is on orphans, widows., prostitutes and drug addicts in the streets and byways od Liberia

Rev. Amos Tarpeh
​         Senior Pastor